Stamps Available: Oceania

I exchange according to scans and catalogue values in Scott catalogue. Difficult material from difficult countries is only available for similar material.

All stamps are scanned in JPEG format. Choose a country from list below. All countries are divided into subgroups. Click the name of the subgroup to show and hide the countries of the subgroup. Abbreviation OFSM stands for: These stamps are available only for similar material.

If you want to see directory listing of all images of stamps for exchange, you can use this link

Australia Fiji
ZoomFiji I- OFSM
ZoomFiji II- OFSM
ZoomFiji III- OFSM
ZoomFiji IV- OFSM
ZoomFiji V- OFSM
ZoomFiji VI- OFSM
ZoomFiji VII- OFSM
French Polynesia Kiribati
ZoomKiribati I- OFSM
ZoomKiribati II- OFSM
Marshall Islands Micronesia
ZoomMicronesia- OFSM
ZoomNauru I- OFSM
ZoomNauru II- OFSM
New Caledonia New Zealand Palau
ZoomPalau I- OFSM
ZoomPalau II- OFSM
Papua-New-Guinea Samoa Solomon Islands Tonga
ZoomTonga I- OFSM
ZoomTonga II- OFSM
ZoomTuvalu- OFSM
ZoomVanuatu I- OFSM
ZoomVanuatu II- OFSM