Stamps Available: Europe

I exchange according to scans and catalogue values in Scott catalogue. Difficult material from difficult countries is only available for similar material.

All stamps are scanned in JPEG format. Choose a country from list below. All countries are divided into subgroups. Click the name of the subgroup to show and hide the countries of the subgroup. Abbreviation OFSM stands for: These stamps are available only for similar material.

If you want to see directory listing of all images of stamps for exchange, you can use this link

Albania Andorra Austria Azores Belarus
ZoomBelarus I- OFSM
ZoomBelarus II- OFSM
ZoomBelarus III- OFSM
ZoomBelarus IV- OFSM
ZoomBelarus V- OFSM
Belgium Bosnia-Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Faroe Islands Finland France Germany Gibraltar Great Britain Greece Greenland Guernsey Hungary Iceland Ireland Isle of Man Italy Jersey Kosovo
ZoomKosovo I- OFSM
ZoomKosovo II- OFSM
ZoomKosovo III- OFSM
ZoomKosovo IV- OFSM
ZoomKosovo V- OFSM
Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Madeira Malta Moldova Monaco
ZoomMonaco I- OFSM
ZoomMonaco II- OFSM
ZoomMonaco III- OFSM
ZoomMonaco IV- OFSM
ZoomMonaco V- OFSM
ZoomMonaco VI- OFSM
ZoomMonaco VII- OFSM
ZoomMonaco VIII- OFSM
ZoomMonaco IX- OFSM
ZoomMonaco X- OFSM
ZoomMonaco XI- OFSM
Montenegro Netherlands North Cyprus Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia San Marino Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Ukraine Vatican Yugoslavia