Stamps Available: Asia

I exchange according to scans and catalogue values in Scott catalogue. Difficult material from difficult countries is only available for similar material.

All stamps are scanned in JPEG format. Choose a country from list below. All countries are divided into subgroups. Click the name of the subgroup to show and hide the countries of the subgroup. Abbreviation OFSM stands for: These stamps are available only for similar material.

If you want to see directory listing of all images of stamps for exchange, you can use this link

Afghanistan Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrain
ZoomBahrain I- OFSM
ZoomBahrain II- OFSM
ZoomBahrain III- OFSM
ZoomBahrain IV- OFSM
ZoomBahrain V- OFSM
ZoomBahrain VI- OFSM
ZoomBahrain VII- OFSM
ZoomBahrain VIII- OFSM
Bangladesh Bhutan British India Brunei
ZoomBrunei I- OFSM
ZoomBrunei II- OFSM
ZoomBrunei III- OFSM
ZoomBrunei IV- OFSM
ZoomBrunei V- OFSM
ZoomBrunei VI- OFSM
ZoomBrunei VII- OFSM
ZoomBrunei VIII- OFSM
ZoomBrunei IX- OFSM
Burma/Myanmar Cambodia Ceylon China Georgia Hong Kong India Indonesia Iran Iraq Israel Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Lebanon Malaysia Maldives Mongolia Nepal North Korea Oman
ZoomOman I- OFSM
ZoomOman II- OFSM
ZoomOman III- OFSM
ZoomOman IV- OFSM
Pakistan Palestine Philippines Qatar
ZoomQatar I- OFSM
ZoomQatar II- OFSM
ZoomQatar III- OFSM
ZoomQatar IV- OFSM
Saudi Arabia Singapore South Korea Sri Lanka Syria Taiwan Tajikistan
ZoomTajikistan- OFSM
Thailand Turkey Turkmenistan
ZoomTurkmenistan- OFSM
United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan Viet Nam Yemen