Stamps Available: Asia

I exchange according to scans and catalogue values in Scott catalogue. Difficult material from difficult countries is only available for similar material.

All stamps are scanned in JPEG format. Choose a country from list below. All countries are divided into subgroups. Click the name of the subgroup to show and hide the countries of the subgroup. Abbreviation OFSM stands for: These stamps are available only for similar material.

If you want to see directory listing of all images of stamps for exchange, you can use this link

Afghanistan Armenia
ZoomArmenia I- OFSM
ZoomArmenia II- OFSM
ZoomArmenia III- OFSM
Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Bhutan British India Brunei
ZoomBrunei I- OFSM
ZoomBrunei II- OFSM
ZoomBrunei III- OFSM
ZoomBrunei IV- OFSM
ZoomBrunei V- OFSM
ZoomBrunei VI- OFSM
ZoomBrunei VII- OFSM
ZoomBrunei VIII- OFSM
ZoomBrunei IX- OFSM
ZoomBrunei X- OFSM
ZoomBrunei XI- OFSM
ZoomBrunei XII- OFSM
ZoomBrunei XIII- OFSM
Burma/Myanmar Cambodia Ceylon China Georgia
ZoomGeorgia I- OFSM
ZoomGeorgia II- OFSM
ZoomGeorgia III- OFSM
Hong Kong India Indonesia Iran Iraq Israel Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Lebanon Malaysia Maldives Mongolia Nepal North Korea Oman
ZoomMuscat- OFSM
ZoomMuscat and Oman- OFSM
ZoomOman I- OFSM
ZoomOman II- OFSM
ZoomOman III- OFSM
ZoomOman IV- OFSM
ZoomOman V- OFSM
ZoomOman VI- OFSM
ZoomOman VII- OFSM
ZoomOman IX- OFSM
Pakistan Palestine Philippines Qatar
ZoomQatar I- OFSM
ZoomQatar II- OFSM
ZoomQatar III- OFSM
ZoomQatar IV- OFSM
ZoomQatar V- OFSM
ZoomQatar VI- OFSM
ZoomQatar VII- OFSM
ZoomQatar VIII- OFSM
ZoomQatar IX- OFSM
ZoomQatar X- OFSM
ZoomQatar XI- OFSM
ZoomQatar XII- OFSM
Saudi Arabia Singapore South Korea Sri Lanka Syria Taiwan Tajikistan Thailand Turkey Turkmenistan
ZoomTurkmenistan- OFSM
United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan Viet Nam Yemen