Hello Collector!

This site is dedicated to my philatelic hobby. I can always exchange with other philatelists. My site has now been online since February 2003. Thanks to all exchange partners worldwide with whom we have had the opportunity to enlarge our collections.

I collect stamps worldwide, all issues of Finland and modern used ones worldwide. I am also interested in used large-size pictoral issues worldwide. Also mint issues and miniature sheets with themes related to the issuing country.

I exchange according to scans and catalogue values in Michel or Scott catalogue. Difficult material from difficult countries is only available for similar material.

If you collect only thematic MNH sets, booklets or S/S of Finland, I suggest to turn to Finland Post. What I have for exchange is mostly in used condition, no CTOs.

In addition to stamps I collect modern postal history worldwide. My aim is to have one circulated cover from every stamp-issuing independent country addressed to me. For more information, follow links to Stamps Available, Stamps Wanted and Covers Wanted. I consider all trading proposals which are about my interests, subject to your requirements. Ich spreche auch Deutsch.

No more 'sending first' will be entertained unless I am the one who makes contact. This is because of too many unpleasant experiences.

I can use registered mail only with trades outside Europe and North America. Unfortunately I can not exchange with anyone from Brazil or Russia because my letters have vanished there more than once.

Enjoy your collection!

Henrik Kullberg