Small Philatelic Vocabulary

Adapted from Filatelian Taito of Kalle Vaarnas (1969).

Post From Latin word Posita: a place where carriers of early mail changed their horses while enroute
Booklet A group of stamps printed and distributed in a small leaflet.
Booklet pane The part of a booklet, which contains the stamps.
Commemorative stamp A stamp issued to commemorate an occasion. Issuance is not necessary for postal service needs, in contrast to definitive issues.
CTO stamp (Cancelled-to-Order) A stamp with a manifactured cancellation. The stamp has not been used to pay postage and thus have no philatelic value.
CV CV stands for catalogue value.
Definitive stamp A stamp that is used constantly for postal service needs.
Face value Denomination of the stamp, same as nominal value if the stamp is not semi-postal.
Killer An ugly large cancellation, in which the cancellation ink covers most of the stamp.
Miniature sheet, M/S, Minisheet Same as block. A small-sized sheet which usually contains a small number of stamps (one or two) in an artistic background design.
Mint, MH, MNH Mint stamp is unused and has perfect original gum. MH has hinge, and thus disturbed gum. MNH stands for 'mint never hinged' or 'mint not hinged' which is to put it shortly, mint.
Perfin A stamp that is pierced to show initials or signum of a company. Stamp is marked to be company's property.
Pictoral A stamp which does not depict coat of arms, state seal, numbers, a face of a leader or similar theme.
Postal stationery A cover or card containing a printout of a stamp to show that postage has been already paid for the cover or card.
Registration receipt A signed document or certificate of posting for a registered letter.
Semi-postal stamp A Stamp which includes additional charge for a special purpose (for example, for Red Cross, againt Tuberculosis, AIDS). The additional charge is paid upon buying the stamp, but only the nominal value can be used to pay postage.
Se-tenants Stamps that are joined so that they together as a composite depict a picture.
Souvenir sheet, S/S A sheet that is produced to be sold as souvenir. See also miniature sheet.
Surcharge French word for an additional printout on stamp.
TÍte-bÍche TÍte-bÍche
Truly postally used stamp Stamp that has been issued by an official postal authority and has been used to pay postage and cancelled appropriately.